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I found this at a train show yesterday. I had never seen one in person. The sad part is, someone cut the back out trying to modify it for Flyer streamline cars. So, I would like to find some project cars and parts to finish the job.

Any ideas ?20240218_160013



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Thanks Gary for the great pictures. Is that rear truck only made for this engine, or other items. I really need to find one of those.

At this point. I'm thinking of trying to make an insert for mine. I wonder if a 3d printer could make an insert, then epoxy it into place? I don't have any experience with that, but think it could work. Being the unit is already damaged, I figure it couldn't hurt.  It would be great to make it whole again!

Wanted to let you know that I have used the Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish on my Aelous engine/tender as well as the passenger cars with no problems, other than that the castings are rougher than the American Flyer Zephyr castings, especially around the cab windows and the boiler walkways. I used many Q-tips in those areas.
     Aeolus cars are few and far between, but they do show up on E bay occasionally. I am currently working on polishing an observation car with the rear light bulb on the back wall. The Mothers polish works well on the cadmium coated tinplate cars, once 80+ years worth of oil and dirt has been removed!
     The polish also works well on the brass window trim and engine railings. I take all that stuff off and do it separately.
       Hope that you are able to get your engine up and running with few problems!

Thanks for the pointers Ken. I'm looking forward to cleaning it up.

I'll keep watching for the cars. Hopefully I will be able to afford them. If not, I'm thinking of trying to find a set of the same series cars that need restoration. Maybe use an aluminum colored paint. Won't be exact, but will still be great looking.

There will be a set of the cars in an upcoming Gregory Hake auction. April or May.

I have a few more pictures of the engine.20240303_030217ouch..



I want to thank Gary Mack, a forum member, for supplying repair parts for my engine. The parts are freshly made by Gary and his dad. 20240303_040037I have installed the weights on the replacement rear truck already and attached it to the engine. It runs great.17103863976287711059714666849750

As you can see, there is a marching car attached! I found a set on the-bay. They had been restored and never run. The cars were polished up and some of the brasses were replaced. Had to work a few bugs out so they all lit up and rolled well. 1710386262380747777922431919303717103861147271245325890608571226

The Mother Mag polish worked great.  I will do a little more after final assembly of the repair parts.20240303_031002


Stay tuned...


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