I purchased this on a business trip in 2013 at a small store in Colorado. The front boiler plate looks to have been replaced, but the rest appears correct and original. The grease hardened in the gear box so I disassembled, cleaned and applied red 'n tacky grease. The motor was missing a few ball bearings so I replenished them as well. The smoke unit was upgraded for liquid usage. There is a chip out of the one tender step, and the box is missing the flap not pictured. I ran this at Christmas the last two years and it runs like a champ. It has a silky smooth whistle and plenty of smoke.

I am asking $400 $350+ shipping! 


Note: the box is incorrect and for the 2046 tender, sorry for the confusion


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I am sorry for the delay..i am still on the road (tractor trailer) driver.

I am hopi g to be home for Sunday night..

I am mostly interested in the tender for the whistle sound. Would you consider $300.00 for the loco and tender shipped to 18657. I could pay u right away via paypal and get the package moving. Whattayathink??


"starting over at 56"


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