My brother and I are trying to duplicate the 1950 UP Alco Freight set.  Our third brother, who passed away a few years ago, had one as a boy, and his daughter would like to put one together for her daughter.

I am looking for the number of the set and a listing of its contents so that we can duplicate it as closely as possible.  I don't have much in the way of PW resources, so any help would be much appreciated.

Frisco, MoPac, and T&P near Rolla, MO

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The set looks to be 1467W “027’ Diesel 4-car Freight

The Consist was:

2023P Twin Diesel With built in horn (Union Pacific)

6656 Stock Car (Lionel Lines)

6465 Double Dome “Sunoco” oil car

6456 Leigh Valley R.R. Hopper Car

6357 Illuminated Caboose (Lionel Lines)

8 sec 1013 curved track

5 sec 1018 straight track

6019 Remote Control Track

ctc lockon

1033 90 Watt Transformer

Hope this gets you started. Sounds like a fun project.



I have the 1950 2023 passenger set with the 3 passenger cars which is available at a low price.  I know you are looking for the freight set but if this would help, let me know. I gave this to my son but his kids are into video games, phones, etc. and don't really want it.


Palallin,  The consist that Kverdon listed is the correct one, from "The Standard Catalog of Sets"- Doyle's book.  There is nothing special mentioned about the color of the hopper, as far as the color, that would have made it unique.  If you could find one of the scarcer color combination, all the better, BUT it appears nothing is special as color.  It is your choice as to making up the Set, as you remember it.  Bottom line is have fun searching.  Good luck with your search.

Yup, lots of choices, so pick your favorite.  But if you follow the chart listed on Tandem-Associates, only Black or Red were available in 1950-51, and other colors were issued later.  The funny think with the RED cars, they are most typically Maroon, and not a true Red.  Just sayin’.

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