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My 1977 General steam engine's left, back, drive wheel came off.  When I put the wheel back on, do I need to "quarter" the wheel positions or does this model not have quartered wheels?

My research on the web, on this issue, give differing options.  So, I am asking the experts here.

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Brendan:  No, the front drivers are not quartered.

Sam:  Looks like the wheel is "stripped"  it spins on the axle and slips on/off easily.  Its matching wheel on the right side is OK, nice fits tight on the axle.  I am thinking of using some nippy cutters to expand the metal on the axle on the left side, then use a tiny bit of expanding adhesive to help hold the wheel on the axle.  Seems worth a try before purchasing a new wheel.  Unless others have not had success doing this.

Rob:  Thanks for the info.  It looked to me like it was not quartered, but I wanted to make sure.

@ADCX Rob posted:

The wheels and rods on this General model are not quartered, or halved, but are actually synchronous due to the original 1950's design of the smoke unit mechanism.

Good catch Rob. Of course you’re right. I forgot about that funky piston/cylinder part that would require all wheels to be the same. I’ve got a PW General apart on the work bench, but forgot how those side rods are assembled.

For what it is worth, I don't use JB Weld or Epoxy substances to attach wheels that are loose on splined axles as it is too permanent of a solution preventing any further service work in the future. My go-to is LocTite 242. If LocTite 242 is unable to fasten the wheel and axle as there is too much wear, I then look for replacement axle and/or wheels as appropriate.

I did not get to the General this past weekend.  I was thinking this over, and instead of epoxy I might use water activated, expanding Gorilla glue.  This glue will bond to metals, will take up any interstitial space between the wheel hub and axel, and is not permeant.  It will wear with prolonged use.  Seems a safe beat. 

bmoran:  I was wondering about using LocTite.  That might be a better than expanding glue.  The General's wheel to axel connection is still snug, just enough wear that wheel will spin on the axel.

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