Sorry for reposting but my computer ate my email.  I am trying to seperate the chassis from the shell to replace some broking wiring. 've removed the three screws holding the two together but it appears the chassis front goes into/under the shell. and I can't see the smoke levers to move them out of the way.  Help!

Uncle Milty

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This UP "Berk" dismantles the same as the Postwar # 736 - one screw under the pilot truck and two at the rear under the cab. There are no "smoke levers" to move out of the way. The e-unit lever needs to be centered to aid in re-installation of the boiler shell.

If you can post a picture of what you're concerned about, maybe we can be of further help.

uncle milty posted:

Sorry for reposting but my computer ate my email. 

You don’t need to depend on your email to keep track of your past postings. Just go to your profile page and click on “Activity” to find what you have written before. 

Jim R. 

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