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Proto-Sound 1 - FP45 was working good, except for the fact that it sometimes wouldn't engage the motors in forward, until last night...

Now it won't leave RESET. On power up I get 3 coupler slack / arming sounds, then 2 start up bells, then engine idling... it cycles through the programming fine, but once I try to kick the DCRU into forward it goes back into reset?

I'm not familiar with "the 3 clanks of death" so I don't know if that's what it is with the 3 coupler sounds. Is it scrambled??

I had a BCR in her and a PS1 reset kit is on the way. 

:-( really liked this diesel.....


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It will not leave reset unless track power is below 10 volts.  Make sure track voltage is below 10 volts and it should go.  I have a couple PS-1 equipped locomotives that can be really picky about that.  If I hit direction and they reenter reset, I lower the track voltage and try again, and keep doing so until they move.

If you still can't get it moving, it is from the correct era of locomotives that can enter deselect mode (See option two on this page.).  My '96 NYC Hudson did this.  If that is the case, you need to order a new chip from MTH, which they still sell.

I always properly start up PS1s and am aware of the proper voltage setting.

So tell me, this deselect sounds like the issue.... When I start up the engine now I get this "coupler arm sound --- coupler arm sound --- coupler arm sound --- bell - bell -- engine start up sounds and then typical reset idle. Cycling through resets is possible. Setting resets appears ok, but once you try to cycle into forward, no dice...just back to reset.

i have a PS1 reset kit on the way. Will that help??



Read here for more information.  Because you can enter reset and program the engine but it doesn't go means it's in deselect.  The reset kit you have coming is only for the 3 clanks of death and will not help you in deselect mode.  I have had both of these faults on PS-1 locomotives.  Which the 3 clanks of death you will get no sound after they sound.  As you read through the thread I linked here, GGG states a way you could try clearing the issue with a chip from a PS-1 locomotive that isn't on the deselect list, but the simplest and best fix is to just order a new chip from MTH as it will ignore the deselect state.

Thank you for the information! Very helpful. I wonder if I should cancel the reset kit order, but I like the idea of having the tool it comes with - I don't have one and I don't see a safer way to remove the chips.

would thenew chip from MTH be exactly the same as the original chip (prior to deselect) or would they issue an improved version that would never deselect like this again?

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