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No , just that they had problems with them shorting out,. I ended up buying  a 2010 vision line challenger 6-11210. The huge beast. I bought it off forum about two weeks ago. Brand new in original shipping box, never run. Dual stacks, steam whistle, dynamo and blow down. Beautiful engine. I got refund on the new one. The word is that was Lionel’s best years for quality. Good luck, I’m sure you will get a good one, plus the warranty for three years.

I do, and it some good news. After having sent it back for the second time, I waited for another month till I heard back from Lionel. They decided to fix the tender and replace the engine entirely with a new one. They shipped it back and it runs like a dream! I have a short video of it running on my YouTube channel.

Thanks, saw the video looks great and congrats! Glad they made it right and it worked out.

@Ron Casamento I see. I was hoping they were going to say a bad solder joint somewhere. But either way, mine has ran like a champ since those initial problems I had (locking drivetrain).

I can't speak to the best quality years. I've only been back in the hobby for a year or two and I have to say the current products beat the pants off of what I had as a kid in the 90s. I'll pick up my second LC+2.0 RS3 this week and I'm anxious to see if I get another locomotives that runs and doesnt die in the first hour. My current RS3 needs a new smoke unit motor but that's small potatoes in my opinion. I mostly worry about locomotives dying the first day I run them and it being a digital problem I can't fix.

There is nothing minor about spending 1500K+ on a locomotive and one that has been done before without issues. This is common problem if you keep buying stuff with issue they will keep producing stuff with issues. There are other manufacturers making trains still. They are cheaping out buy building locos elsewhere and paint issues a now QC issues are coming back with a vengeance. That coupled with there outrageous pricing. I have no need to pre order anything from Big L anymore enough are available after I see all these minor issues come out.

I figured the thread would turn into this once any problems are mentioned.

I can't make a broken locomotive half as good as the one I buy from Lionel with a noisy smoke unit motor or rattle sound from the tender, etc. Therefore, I will handle the minor details on my own where possible and I will continue to urge Lionel to find a new company to handle manufacturing. I have nothing further to say on the matter. Che successe successe.

Yup, Billy, I hear ya. I have had issues like I told you. But I told you in early post that I just preordered the new Santa Fe diesel 2233151 for 699.00 .It does have the three year warranty.  So I’m hanging in there with Lionel and hoping they will improve. I’m also going to order the new cab 3. Also I told you I just bought the new / used challenger 3967 6-11210. I will make it fun, even with a few bumps in the road. 😀😀

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