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What is the delay with completing the delivery of this set? 

While a few sets arrived in May 2016, many pre-orders appear to still be outstanding.  I pre-ordered with Just Trains and they only received 3 of 14 sets ordered.  I am one of their 11 pre-orders still waiting.  The store owner told me she was told by Rich Foster there was a split shipment, that the production line changed and is awaiting restart of the product, and as of yesterday, that there may be a paint issue with this set.  It's now two months since the set was initially delivered.

I and others I'm sure would greatly appreciate a status of the set directly from MTH.



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Rich Foster was correct, the 5-car set was spread over multiple shipments.  This can happen for a variety of reasons, including parts procurement, production capacity, container capacity and so on.  The balance of the 5-car production run will exit production late this month and is due to arrive at our Maryland distribution facility in September.  In the meantime, all the "add-on" cars for the Norfolk Southern set are due to arrive in Maryland the week of August 7th!

Andy Edleman
Vice President - Marketing 
M.T.H. Electric Trains

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