Well, the second half of the AM 2011 S Fest Burlington piggy-back car has finally arrived.  The flat cars were available at the Fest last year, but the trailers were delayed because of the Sanda Kan fiasco.


So, here they are, together at last:

rFest 11 072112 02


Another nice looking car from the Fall S Fest Consortium.  The car was only available as HiRail, so I scalifed it with a set of code 110 wheels and AM snap-lok couplers.  Granted, the trailer is a bit too modern for this particular decoration, but it's an adjustment I'm willing to accept.


Unlike CASG's EJ&E boxcars, AFSGASLA's car is marked semi-discreetly for the S Fest.


rFest 11 072112 04

rFest 11 072112 05


Which brings up questions that were part of discussion I had with a few friends about commemorative cars:


Should the event car be just a rolling billboard for the event with no basis in a prototype roadname?

Should the car be lettered for a fantasy roadname or industry?

Should the car be a lettered for a specific prototype railroad or industry?

If lettered for a prototype roadname or industry, should there be any printing visible on the car commemorating the event or will a label on the box suffice?


My own personal preference is for a prototype railroad or industry, with a label on the box commemorating the event. 


Obviously, I accept a minimal amount of event lettering on the car if the car generally appeals to me. 


Lastly, I will accept a fantasy or freelanced roadname or industry if well done, my collection of NMRA Historic Herald cars will attest to that.  But I did pass on a couple that I didn't think were convincing.


I'd be interested in hearing other thoughts on the subject.




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I would prefer the car to be unmarked.in this case Fall S Fest could have been shortened to; FSF 2011. Would be a reminder on where I got it, and not be so blatant.

I would accept fictional industries or roadnames if they were well done. Nothing ruins the appearance of a car worse than inappropriate fonts. Modern lettering on a steam engine, wild west lettering on a modern car. Roadnames that are puns. 

I don't judge people based on race, creed, color, or gender.


I judge them based on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.  

Not sure how I feel about marking of event cars. I don't have that many so it doesn't matter. If I recall when our club did convention cars, we had one road number for the year and one actual number. Seemed to be a reasonable way to go.


But I am glad to see that American Models has used their retrieved tooling and got the trailers out. I think Ron said the trailers were a priority. Not sure were AM got them done but you probably have a made in the USA TOFC.


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