The 2016 Cal-Stewart meet is this weekend at the LA County Fairplex.  Who is going?  

I will be there wearing my red New Haven hat and a NH shirt.  I would like to meet some of the SOCAL forum members.  Please introduce yourselves if you see me.  

The huge Fairplex garden railroad is open on Sunday (11 to 4).  This is another attraction that I have heard about but I haven't seen.  I  am going to visit it on Sunday.

NH Joe

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we went up Sunday Nov 20,  not many deals. light to medium attendance.

we were able to talk some people down and got a few items.

as a point of info the worlds greatest hobby on tour will be at the LA country fairplex in Feb 11 and 12, 2017 the exact same dates that the NHRA will be having their winter nationals.  what a zoo that will be.

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