2017 Lionel (MTH) Tinplate Catalog??

I think others have talked about this recently and come to the conclusion that MTH may not put out a next catalog until they have built everything in recent catalogs and there may  be some dip in interest as well.  Not sure.  Now if they would make a marklin Crocodile I might have to bite.

Dennis Holler If its old and broke, I like it

Producing tinplate is increasingly difficult and MTH is not seeing the market it once had.  Fewer dealers are ordering it.  I recently pleaded for more starter sets in O and STD gauges.  In my most recent conversation with MTH Sales Department, don't get too excited.

Tinplate items from MTH are going to be fewer and fewer.  The latest batch of cancellations tells us it won't be produced unless there is more demand from consumers and dealers for it.

The last few Christmas sets sold so well for us, we couldn't keep them in stock and I got them by the pallet!   Here are a few sets we sold and some we sold a LOT of:

MTH:  BRING YOUR STARTER SETS BACK!  It brings new people into the Tinplate hobby, even if it is only at Christmastime.

Sorry folks, I don't have any of the sets above available except I have only one of:


Consumers contacting MTH and demanding new tinplate will get heard.  Don't stop bugging them for it!

I seriously doubt that it will happen, but during some of my regular conversations with Rich Foster, we talked about the possibility of producing, e.g., the Big Boy or Challenger in tinplate, or some Great Northern (e.g., the R-2) or Northern Pacific big steam together with matching passenger cars (State or even Showroom cars); or even the Super 381 in such road names.  There is some precedent for doing real or past road names, but only time will tell.  As it stands, David and JRJunction are pretty much on the money.

However, as I noted in my first opening note and as JRJunction said, let MTH know what you want....so, again, write Mike at "mikew@mth-railking.com" and/or Rich Foster at "richf@mth-railking.com".  They do listen and if there is enough interest to warrant the production, it will happen over the course of time.



As someone who is slowly growing a tinplate collection, the lack of production from the last catalog is both frustrating and disheartening.  I had at least one of the transitional cars on order, wish it hadn’t been cancelled.  

I have collected 4 2816 hoppers, and plan to get about 2 or 3 more.  I am waiting on delivery of a 263e from the last catalog to pull them.  The caboose choices are slim, unless you really like squashed looking center cupola models. 

The lack of engine styles is one thing that held me back.  I like the tinplate look/style but I didn’t want the same thing that had been produced for 3/4 of a century.  I have even scoured evilbay and Yamazon to see if anyone had some beater 261, 262, 263 locomotives for sale with the intent of starting a bash/stretching project and almost always strike out.  

I will do as suggested and reach out to Mth to let them know I am still looking for new tinplate.


May God Bless us all.

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