NOT LionelLLC posted:

Yes, I'll be there.  Arriving Tuesday night and leaving Sunday morning.


Well Stu, I'm glad you're going! I was begining to think my wife and I were the only people attending!





@T1Titan_ZachF posted:

The Somerset County 4-H Trainmasters (which includes myself) will be going, and will be displaying our layout in the Crowne Plaza Hotel!


Cool, can’t wait to check it out!

@T1Titan_ZachF posted:

The Somerset County 4-H Trainmasters (which includes myself) will be going, and will be displaying our layout in the Crowne Plaza Hotel!

What he said. 4H Trainmasters/METCA Kids Club will be having our 40x60 layout. (Roughly 40x60 I forget what the total dimensions were because of the ballroom restrictions but lets just say big.

- Joe

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Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders,

Raritan River Chapter of the NRHS,

Black River Railroad Historical Trust



"You're too young to remember the Raritan River!" -Told to me by a man at a train show.

   No plans to attend.







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Anyone interested in British Hornby,French Hornby,Bing, Bassett Lowke, and Kibri is invited to visit my house during the week. I am about 60 minutes from Warwick and am one of the destinations on Tour 18. (Also collect K-Line, Lionel Prewar, MTH  trolleys, Western Hobbycraft trolleys, Right of Way brass locomotives, and other kinds of stuff). Check out my site at

Lew Schneider

Greetings from Rhode Island.

We hope everyone considers spending at least a day or two with us at the TCA convention. The hotel site is great (free parking) and Rhode Island is one of the more beautiful states you can visit on the east coast.

We have miles of beaches and shorelines, outstanding restaurants for every taste, a bevy of terrific excursions planned, and as noted above - some pretty great layouts to experience.

If anyone needs help with restaurants or other ideas to explore - just hit me up. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Rhode Island.


Rhode Island: 6-9% bigger at low tide.



Paul Edgar posted:

I will be there from Tues to Sun morning.  Looking for fried clams and steamers. I am also looking for a rider to share road expenses.  Leaving York early Tues morning.


Paul Edgar

I won't be attending, but for some great seafood, try Evelyn's Drive-In located across Narragansett Bay in Tiverton, RI.

If you also like Chinese food, their lobster chow mein is not to be missed.

Does anyone know approximately how many tables will be in the “train marketplace”.  I couldn’t attend the convention due to other commitments, but I can drive there on Saturday morning.  It’s about 1.5 hours each way without traffic so I’m trying to determine if it’s worth the drive.



The show is not real large like York or the big E, its only the size of one room big, (I didn't count the tables) I will say there were some real good prices on many items like MPC.If you need a train fix and have no other options on Saturday check it out.





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