Does anyone know if/when/where an O Scale National Convention may be held?  I saw info about the one last year but no websites for this year.  Sounds like a good event to attend, if close to mid-west.


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For O Scale shopping, the "March Meet" in Chicago is one of the best.     There is also the Indianapolis show in September each year, and the Cleveland show the first sat in November.    Cleveland is only 1 day, but attracts a nice bunch of vendors and is only 5-7 dollars admission     

I have also attended the meet in Strasburg once, and it was a very nice O Scale meet.    It only runs from 9 til noon or 1 pm but again has a good mix of vendors.

Santa Clara is a "fur piece" on a weekend, so missed that.  Though can't strongly enough ask that these O scale shows be supported by shoppers and sellers.  Interesting models sometimes crawl up on a table, and from there, sneak home in your car.

??Another one of THOSE!!??  What you want to sell is not what I want to buy!

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