Hey Everyone!  The time is again here for the traditional OGR Forum member Thursday evening get together at Quaker Steak and Lube.  Traditionally after the doors close on Thursday in the trading halls, OGR Forum members, subscribers, and advertisers head on over to QSL for a great meal, conversation, and a plain old good time.  If you are new to the OGR Forum and/or York "experience", then head on over and meet the guys and gals that you may know only on the Forum but would like to meet in person.  When you get there, just ask the staff where we are and to sit you with us but I am willing to bet that you will be able to find us without any help cause when you get almost two hundred of us together . . . well, you know what I mean!  See you there!

Safe travels to York!

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Ted Bertiger posted:


I'm the president of my club now, so I get royalties on all pictures. LOL!

Hope to stop by after dinner since we stay at LaQuinta next door.

I always wondered who was making all the noise....now I know! 


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The First Highlight is being at the Greatest Train Show ever, and then being with the TCA Members at the Quaker Steak and Lube is the Second Highlight of the TCA York, PA Meet.

I cannot wait for both of these functions to happen, and then a few of us head to Smokey Bones on Friday Night for another highlight.

But, unfortunately, as soon as TCA York Meet starts, it is over too soon. But I always remind myself that another TCA York is only 6 months away, except for April 2021 Meet. My oldest daughter, Elizabeth, is getting married on Sunday of this York weekend, so the Father Of The Bride has to be there. For those who know me, they have already told me to tell my daughter to change the Wedding, but Elizabeth is my first daughter and she has made the plans and Dad has to be there to give her away.

So, I will not be there in April 2021, but I will be back in the future (and without the Time Machine Delorean with Tri Flux Capacitor and Doc Brown).

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cubalz posted:

What time is everyone planning to arrive at Quaker Steak and Lube?

Early birds begin to arrive at 5:30 with some arriving after 8:00.    Most arrive in the 6:15 to 7:00 timeframe.  


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bluelinec4 posted:

We will have a little contingent of Jersey people

Speak for yourself, I'm from Staten Island!

We were all having such a good time that we finally realized no one had taken any pictures so we snapped a few of the remaining group still gathered around4849B163-D451-41E4-A3A4-7BB4830C7EAD7F9AE4E6-17FF-40C9-A7EF-B48B23D5621EDAB828CE-BE57-4C1B-9880-28D2AC7FB9F0

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I had a great time talking with Gilly, Jerry, Doug, Don, Joe, John, Phil, and Peter. Always great to talk trains and anything else we all want to listen to. Some very good things to consider came up for the two day meet(s) for next year(not from me because I am still a rookie). All the evening events will need to be coordinated by each of the groups so they don't conflict with each other. I am sure that will be no easy task in itself as there is always a lot going on in general. Just one other thing to consider. Hopefully luck will have us fall right into place and not have to decide what we have to skip.

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