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Several months ago, I went to check out the ALTA by Ollie building and got some really AWESOME photos from the 20th and 40th or so floors.  Some of the available rooms were right at the level of the subway and you could barely hear it go by.  In the end, I found better priced housing in Manhattan itself, so I never moved across the east river. (Neighborhood is still being gentrified as well IMHO.)

First up is looking west towards Queensboro Plaza.

Second and third are two shots of Sunnyside yards.  Any idea what they're building between the building and Sunnyside yards?  Are they adding a station of sorts? If it was another maintenance yard, I'd assume they'd make the guys just walk across the tracks rather than make steps and overhead walkways.


Last is a shot of the building itself as I walked toward LIC Beer Project after my tour.

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Did some Googling.  Looks like I caught Sunnyside Station being built. $77M to build that little thing? Yikes. (This URL won't work right...just highlight the full thing with the (LIRR) and paste into a new tab in your browser.)

Also learned about a proposed T line.  Can't imagine that ever being built in my lifetime...  (This one too....copy the full URL to the ) )

And came across this very interesting wiki page as well...

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PRR Man posted:

whenever I ride the LIRR to Citi Field, or pass by while transiting the East River, I am amazed how quickly that part of Queens has become the new real estate hot spot. high rises everywhere.

Don't be fooled by the buildings, this border area of LIC/Astoria still has a long ways to go for gentrification. Someone has to be first I suppose, but there is a lot more to be done IMHO to make this area like the LIC you see down by Gantry State Park, which is very nice. I guess they feel there is enough traffic to warrant a station, or perhaps it's a build it and they will come idea. Or maybe they were secretly expecting Amazon HQ2 back in 2015, lol.  Oops. It would be very interesting to also understand the occupancy rates of the high rises as well.

I've walked this part of Astoria (though some places addresses north of 495 are apparently considered LIC) in daytime and nighttime to get an idea of it and to visit some local breweries.  It is still very run down for the most part. The selection for places to go to for fun were also somewhat limited in comparison to other neighborhoods. The car dealerships on Northern Blvd still have fences and barbed wire galore. The Queens Plaza subway station and outside of it in particular seems to be a hangout for shady people.

For finding a place to live, I wanted to avoid uneasy feelings just walking to/from the subway. Add that the cost of a room in a microsuite (bed pulls down from wall) in that particular building is as much or more than a decently spacious room in the UWS/UES of Manhattan (safe, lots to do, central park, etc.), it was a no-brainer to stay in Manhattan and only venture out to the boroughs when I wanted to. It would have been cool to watch Sunnyside yard from the roof though.

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These pictures are actually Long Island City   People like to call it Astoria as it has a better reputation.   LIC used to be a commercial warehouse district that nobody dared go to after 9pm.  LOL   When I first started working for IBM I was taking service calls in this area   Nobody lived there  It was all one and two story warehouses and buildings.  Sunnyside Yards was double the size that it is today  I used to buy my lunch and sit in the car and watch GG-1's and BB-3's athe whole time  


Here are some Queensboro pics from awhile ago  It has changed dramatically


This pic still has the bridge connection  Broadway Maintenance was the company that had the City traffic light contract





The remnants of alot of these connections can still be seen if you look close




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