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@Bob Bubeck posted:

Yes. We have all seen those. However, what one hopes to see in the near future is a fully finished model assembled with good QC that runs well and sounds good.

Here's hoping.


Just reinforcing that tooling is cut.  As to when the Legacy Berks will appear, THAT is a different story.

Frankly, right now I'm in no hurry.   It would be just something else to throw into the moving van.


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Opinion? I didn't expect much. I have a feeling Lionel won't be offering much new S scale product. Just toys to cater to the AF crowd. With MTH closing my opinion is that S is headed for dark times.  Until 3D printing really hits mainstream I doubt we will see much new product.

In the meantime, perhaps we should start a grassroots campaign to ask Lionel to FINALLY make the SD40-2? Maybe a petition could convince them to build it?

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