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          S Fest 2020 Milwaukee, WI : November 6-8

The Badgerland S Gaugers will be hosting the 2020 "S" Fest in Milwaukee, WI on Nov. 6-8. The Fest cars, for the gathering of "S" gauge fans, will be Milwaukee Road 2 bay offset hoppers built by American Models in the Hiawatha decor. These cars have been beautifully decorated by American Models and are already in the possession of the Badgerland club, there will be no 2+ year waiting period this time. I am attaching the promotional sheet. I need to mention the rendition of the cars on these sheets do not do them justice, they are truly  some of the most attractive cars I have seen. So please do come to join us for this years "S" Fest.


S Fest 2 001

2020 S Fest 001

Hope to see you there, come and celebrate with us during the 45th annual S Fest.









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  • 2020 S Fest 001
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Hello Guys and Gals,

I am sorry that it has taken a few days to get this information to you but I guess the virus is slowing everything down some. I am posting here the link to the site with all the info for the S Fest for 2020. Scrolling down to the bottom you will find PDFs for the registration and car order forms, also for other pertinent information. Just a reminder, registration for S Fest is required to order the cars.

Thanks folks for being patient with us.


With 95+% of my trains and layout in climate controlled storage in anticipation of a move to a house that may never come, I told myself I don't need any more trains.  But those cars are drop dead gorgeous!  I just have to justify getting them, and even harder, finding a place for them now that the house is in "show potential buyers" condition (not that it will sell in today's market). 

I've always thought the American Models makes great looking stuff.  Especially for the price.  BTW, Ron is a member of the Southeastern Michigan S Gaugers, and once hosted a club meeting at his factory.  It was like being the proverbial kid in a candy store.   Photos upon request.

Stay safe, guys,

Jerry, it sounds as though you found these cars as attractive as I did. I relate to your mentioning Ron hosting a meeting at his facility. We were there to pick up the S Fest cars and we did not want to leave, the kid in a candy store is kind of an understatement. I did not get away without making a purchase, a gorgeous Milw. Rd caboose. Ron and the other folks gave us the factory tour, they were very hospitable.


I am sad to have to post this but with the health of all the participants in mind we have had to make this decision.

2020 Fall S Fest Postponement

It is with a deep feeling of disappointment that the Badgerland S Gaugers have to announce the postponement of the 45th Annual, 2020 Fall S Fest Convention that was scheduled to be held this November 6th thru 8th at the Four Points Sheraton Airport Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

With increasing numbers of Covid 19 cases in the City of Milwaukee and primarily the concern for all of our attendees, the Fall S Fest Committee regrettably felt that this step was necessary during this unprecedented period. Fall S Fest sponsorship is a four club event. The Badgerland S Gaugers (BSG) wish to thank the State Line (SLSG), Chicagoland (CASG) and St. Louis (AFSGSLA) clubs for their thoughtfulness and cooperation in agreeing to slide back one year as sponsors of this annual event.

The Badgerland S Gaugers have rescheduled the 45th Annual Fall S Fest for November 5th thru 7th 2021.

The event will take place at the same location Four Points Sheraton Airport Hotel.

For additional information go to the Badgerland S Gaugers Website:

Or Contact Roy Meissner Phone: (262) 538-4325 E-mail:


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