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Wow, this winter scene is stupendous! Out of curiosity, who makes those two trucks shown above? They would be a perfect addition to my winter layout, thanks in advance!


Thanks for the compliment! The Christmas tree truck on the right is a "Pine Peak Christmas Tree Farm" offering from Corgi. There are a few other Corgi trucks with Christmas trees. An "Ochs Tree Farm", as well as a" Starbucks" version.

The plow truck is a Matchbox collectibles "1954 Ford F100 Sinclair snowplow".

All are readily available on ebay. Its just a matter of waiting for your price.  In fact there is one of each of the trucks in my photo at a low bid of $9.99 at the moment.

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@RickO posted:

Thanks for the compliment! The Christmas tree truck on the right is a "Pine Peak Christmas Tree Farm" offering from Corgi. There are a few other Corgi trucks with Christmas trees. An "Ochs Tree Farm", as well as a" Starbucks" version.
The plow truck is a Matchbox collectibles "1954 Ford F100 Sinclair snowplow".

Thank you very much!

Good evening, I attached a couple pictures of my home layout which is a winter scene all year round.

The railroad in the town is the Pennsy.

Your layout looks wonderful! I really like the image of the Jordan Spreader


I changed up the one end of the layout for this Christmas.  In previous years, it looked like this:


This year, I replaced the snow and generic greenery with structures and accessories from the Dept 56 O Little Town of Bethlehem and the related Holy Land series:


I left the base for the farm that sits there the other 10 months of the year.  I intend to add a few more accessories and to light the third building, but there's not much room for growth.  I continue to use the Nativity that my grandparents bought before I was born.

The scales are different, but how does that matter?

All is calm--how still we see thee lie!--all is bright, for this is a Holy Night.


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Got my Charlie Brown tree up and a loop of O27 under it. Lionel 4050 Trainmaster transformer on extra low. Was going to put some PW on it but I can fit more Marx tin on that loop. Blasphemous, I know 😁

Christmas for me is really just another day. This will be the first one in almost 20 years that I haven't worked.


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Christmas get together at Z house tonight.  In case any one was wondering about the magic connection between kids and trains, check this out!!


The kids took turns with the lionchief remote.  The train got knocked off the track more times than I could count, didn't bother me at all.  Kids and trains are still magic!!


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Well here it is December 23 and I finally have the trains around the tree.  Wife and I travel just before Christmas to our east coast family place where we all gather for Christmas and New the "tree" had to wait until we moved 1155 miles east from Texas.  Brother and I got tree up - actually he did most of that work and yesterday we unpacked the trains and got them running after a bit of a crises...see below.

Had the classic "Christmas Eve" type 1 year old, modern, brand new, highly detailed, expensive ($150 +), Lionel 0-8-0 made it 1/2 way around the oval and quit...NO RUN, NO MOVEMENT, NO NOTHING!!! After about an hr of playing "try this  then try that"  what to do?  I am over 1000 miles from my collection which would have had many substitute engines available.   Then I remembered a a 50 year old Marx set I had put up last summer for my young nephew to play with...So I dug out the 50 year old, Marx 400 plastic engine ($10) and put it on the track.  Like most all Marx, it runs, it moves, it pulls the train.  Then comes the imaginative part.  We realize that all the "sounds" (steam, bell , whistle, crew talk) are in the TENDER of the Lionel my brother fabricates an innovative link to attach the Marx drawbar (tab / slot) to the Lionel tender (pin/hole) and it works.  So now we have the Marx 400 as motive power but all the sophisticated sounds of the Lionel set.  So here is our 2021 Christmas round the tree Train layout.

"Old Reliable" Marx 400 linked to the very sophisticated Lionel sounds tender.

Christmas layout 1

The full tree - note since we are at sea shore almost all ornaments are sea shells...thanks to my very talented wife.

Christmas Tree at Tybee.

Here are a few residents of Christmas Town including the Coca Cola polar bear raiding the Coke machine!

Christmas layout 2 [2)

Santa hitches a ride with the NYC we live in Waco, Tx so the "Dr. Pepper" car is required !!

Christmas layout 2

The water tower , caroler's and more residents of Christmas town.

Christmas layout 3

The 2021 "train layout savior" the classic, very common, and always reliable, Marx 400 plastic loco

Christmas layout 4

Best wishes and Happy Holidays to All!!



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  • Christmas layout 2
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Here are my entries in the Christmas layout photos for 2021.  Finally finished the 4x8 overnight.  Still needs some work, but I'm done.  Not expending anymore energy otherwise it isn't fun.


I watched both Die Hard 1+2 in the background on the TV last night as I was finishing up the layout.


The Boy Scout lodge corner.  As a former Cubmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster (see my avatar) when my kids were younger, this is a staple on the layout


This last one is me running my HO Scale SEPTA train on the ceiling layout.


Unrelated topic, had many issues with the RealTrax this time around and it was very frustrating and made my videos almost impossible to film.  Thought about switching to Lionel's Illuminated FasTrack this year, but didn't.  That will not be the case 12 months from now.  Once I finish editing the cuts that I was able to do I will post my YouTube video here.


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Wishing Everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy/Healthy New Years!

I pulled an old radio show out of my archives and wanted to share it with my forum friends. In 1965 for Christmas Eve, Jean reads "Rattling Home for Christmas" by Grant T. Reynard. The poem novel is about a son coming home to the Midwest from California via trains. Shep uses lots of audio from steam engines and trains to add ambiance to this poem novel.  The story starts at 12:44 and continues at 20:40 after the commercial break.

All the best,

OK I know I am way behind the power curve and most of you have already put away and taken down these Christmas layouts. Sorry,  but this experience was really unique and fun.  While packing away various Christmas presents and so forth from the Holiday season, I happened upon (sealed in a plastic bag) this relic from many Christmas' past.  It was the early post war 40's and Japan / Europe was recovering from the effects of the war.  Japan in an attempt to get its economy moving decided to create an industry for "paste board" products that could be made without any industrial infrastructure.  These products were exported in mass to the US where we used them for all sorts of things, but often when they were in the form of model / decorative structures, around the Christmas tree.  So here is the 1940's vintage Christmas Village house I found.

There are no markings about the manufacturer on this except on the bottom is a stamp "Made in Japan" and in pencil, a price 10 cents!

Christmas House frontChristmas House side

I thought this was neat, then I happened upon a picture of our Christmas tree layout in 1946 and to my utter amazement found a surprise.  There is the house, or at least a similar one!! So not only is this fellow a relic, but he just might be MY RELIC!

Inked1946 Layout_LI

Well best wishes to all.  Belated Holiday Cheer if I missed you earlier.



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  • Christmas House side
  • Inked1946 Layout_LI

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