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American Flyer by Lionel Baggage Smasher station modified with a 4.5 volt LED bulb.  This lets me power building lights off of the Christmas tree lighting circuit.  For the station, I drilled a hole in the base for the cord and mounted the bulb to the floor.  The bulb I used goes directly to a 4.5 volt power supply.  The baggageman runs off of a 12 volt AC transformer.DSC_0447

I made the same modification to a 445 interlocking tower.  For the interlocking tower, I took a Lemax "R2D2" LED bulb and trimmed it with a cutoff disk so it would fit in the (enlarged) hole for the light bulb without interfering with the mechanism.

I also added signs to the station and light blockers to the eaves.



Images (3)
  • DSC_0448: Station interior with lit bulb.
  • DSC_0459: Lighted station in action.
  • DSC_0447: Station interior showing mounting of bulb.

I finally got the Christmas layout board out after several years hiatus.  Some of the upper level supports came unglued, so knowing it would be after Christmas until I got it all put back together, I just removed and stored away all the supports and track for future use.  I did add an HO loop around the outside, and the frustration proves my sound judgement years ago to give up on HO and embrace O gauge. 

I have been wiring LED lighting for the buildings.  Only the back row of buildings is done, so I took photographs with the power off.  I'll post photographs later when I have all the lighting working and put in more people and trees.  Here it is so far.




Images (2)
  • IMG_5826
  • IMG_5827
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15 years ago, I built my first O-gauge loop around the Christmas Tree. As time passed, I collected more Lionel and MTH locomotives, cars, track, and accessories. Fast-forward to the present day, and this year's layout features three O-gauge loops, a Birney Trolley line. an HO-gauge loop, and a LEGO Disney train set around the Tree. Here are photos of this year's layout.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! 🎅🎄🚂

DSCN9571 [2015_12_31 22_23_13 UTC)





Images (16)
  • DSCN9571 (2015_12_31 22_23_13 UTC)
  • 20231210_191312_remastered
  • 20231202_213440
  • 20231202_215900_remastered
  • 20231210_180453
  • 20231210_180923
  • 20231210_181319
  • 20231210_181508_remastered
  • 20231210_182459
  • 20231210_182623_remastered
  • 20231210_182714
  • 20231210_185138
  • 20231210_185629_remastered
  • 20231210_185852
  • 20231210_190000_remastered
  • 20231210_190337_remastered
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That’s a very nice village Mark. Are they Dept. 56 or Lemax?


Thank you, Jay.  Some are Dept 56, some Lemax, and a few are another name I would have to look at on the boxes when I get home.    I’ll check before I post again.

I do think I will have to run the cords for the C7 bulbs for some of the front buildings.  Those have windows with interior scenes separated with baffles.  Again, it will take too long to outfit them with LEDs this season.  Those really look great when lit. 😃

@Rich Wiemann- Very imaginative use of that station terrace.  By splitting it off the station you gained an extra "accessory" that really poses a great scene.  NEAT!

@Christopher2035-The color pictures are neat but the b&w picture including #89 locomotive is just spectacular.  The b&w emphasizes the detail on the loco and enhances the effect of the light "snow".  Great shot!

Best Wishes


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