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I am happy to announce the 2021 NASG Annual Member Car. This year's car is the Pullman Standard 4427cuft 3-bay, covered hopper introduced in the early 1960s carrying dry commodities such as
grain, corn, fertilizer, etc. The PS-2CD 4427 cars were very successful and were seen all over the US and can still be found in active service today. This particular car is labeled for the General Electric Railcar Services Corporation's TLDX (formerly Transport Leasing, a Division of Pullman, Inc.), and decorated with "Gold Kist" "Atlanta, Georgia." Gold Kist was one of the largest food producers in the US in the 1960's. The model will be manufactured by American Models and have the original gold sides and black ends. The cars are available in either of two correct road numbers and in either high-rail AF compatible or scale coupler & rail compatible. They are scheduled to arrive in July 2021 but can be pre-ordered now with an active NASG membership.....
The 1st example photo is of an HO-scale model by Exact Rail and the 2nd is of a prototype.


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  • promo
  • gold kist prototype photo of 4427
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