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I was very excited to purchase a NYC Atlantic, Lionel #2231430, my first Legacy engine and whistle steam

, then it arrived. The item was dead on arrival. I put it on the track, successfully programed it (whistle sounded), went about 6" and then cab light started flashing. Had a replacement sent to me, November 2022 which was working fine until about a month ago. Issues in order of occurrence: 1. Lost whistle steam effect, 2. Chuff sound cuts out, 3. When I do get it to run, after 24 hour rest period, started up then stopped with flashing light. When it ran,, backup tender light is on when going forward and off when in reverse. I'm thinking the problem might with the smoke unit, not sure. Frustrated and disappointed with Lionel quality control.

Now it's off warranty of course, I'm in zip code 34491. Suggestions for servicing please.


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@Tman129 posted:

I'm new to uploading videos to my posts, so I apologize for the numerous redundant copies of the same three videos.

All good! Better to have redundant copies than no copies

I don't know much about service centers, unfortunately. But I have this locomotive and it seems to me that it forgets how to pick up signal every so often. I've fixed it once for that and I took it apart two more times to check on wires. It's not too difficult to take apart if you're the tinkering type. I was thinking you could unplug that smoke unit and see if it runs better.

Do you have any TMCC locomotives?

Hi Peter, yea I did contact Lionel. They gave me the name and contact information for a repair/dealer about 1-1/2 to 2 hours from here.  They definitely did not want it sent to them.

Hey Sandman, I did reprogram the engine. After I pushed the 'Set' button, the whistle sounded indicating a successful reprogram. Then I shot the video of the engine/tender sitting on the track with a flashing cab light.

Ugh! With this one already a replacement for the original one sent, it's very frustrating especially at the price point of this little engine.

Thanks all. I guess I'll need to either send it in to the recommended dealer/repair center, or drive the 1-1/2 to 2 hours to hand deliver it.

Much appreciated.


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