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Anyone know when the new 2022 Lionel Catalog drops?

I also heard a rumor that Lionel might be introducing a new Legacy 2.0 command system. We'll have to wait and see.

We do know that the new Vision Line N&W Class A is going to be in the new catalog. That's going to be an awesome engine. I wonder what the new Vision feature is. Matching freight and/or passenger cars need to be offered, too (including sound cars).

Also, if anyone has anything they want to see in the new catalog, post it here.

Here are some ideas of mine. I hope the folks at Lionel Trains are reading this.

-Scale Tier IV ET44ACs/ET44C4s w/ Legacy

-Models with new tooling from MTH including the GP38-2, GP60/GP60M/GP60B, SD7/9, SD75M/I, UP DDA40X, UP Big Blow 3-Unit Gas Turbine, F45/FP45, GP20, and Erie/Virginian Triplex (all with Legacy)

-Siemens Chargers and matching passenger cars

-Updated Legacy System

-Updated LCS App and I-Cab App

-Command-Controlled Accessories: Intermodal Crane, Fastrack Turntable, etc.

-New Legacy Crane Car/Boom Car sets

-Scale SD70ACe-T4s w/ Legacy

-Modern Vision Line rolling stock including modern boxcars, modern reefers, and ethanol tank cars

-ATSF Super Chief  21" Passenger Cars

-ATSF El Capitan Bi-Level Passenger Cars

-Pratt's Hollow Lionchief Plus 2.0/TMCC Phantom Locos/Passenger Car sets (include loco and 4 passenger cars in set), plus separate-sale matching freight sets; all 4 Phantom versions need to be made, plus a few other versions (PRR, ATSF, SP, Lionel Lines, etc.)

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