0CB7A16A-552C-4300-B832-9A21F3F76C02C6AFB0E7-05B2-4A15-9933-A5B05DFFF594  Above are two pictures of some items I found buried in a box of miscellaneous parts I recently purchased. First, is a 208 toolbox with  pictures of the tools which were inside of it. All I can find in my reference material is that the 208 tool box was furnished with several different work trains in the middle 30s. Were these work trains O or standard gauge?  Can anyone tell me if the tools I show are a complete set or are there tools missing?

Second is a picture of serval different miscellaneous items which I have no idea what they are. I’m guessing the crown shaped nickel plated item might be a pilot light cover for a 91 circuit breaker.

Any information on any of these items that anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks and all of you have a great weekend.

Jim Lawson 






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The long pieces are track clips to each hold two pieces of track together.  They came in O and O27, not sure if they came in standard gauge.  With two pieces of track together on the floor the clip could be slid in and captured an end of tie on each piece.

The tool kit you have is complete, with the correct tools, and was issued from 1934-1942.  The tools were part of a Work Train, Set 385E/W and were in the gondola.  Not sure if the box came with this, in this particular set.  It was also sold as a Separate Sale Item, and if used with "0" gauge, it would have been a similar Work Train, of freight cars.  The likely locomotives would have been 260E, 263E, as a work train.  Nice score.

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