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@Lehigh74 posted:

Some parts for the remote (50-1002) are hard to come by or obsolete.  MTH bought up all the parts they could and changed some that they couldn’t get.  The new PN for the remote (with changed parts) is 50-1038.  It was scheduled for April release, but in think it’s now September.

well thats good but I am also seeing that this run for April now September will be the last ones built do you know anything about that?

@Mark Boyce posted:

Isaac, Yes this was scheduled to be the last run of the remote even before it was announced that MTH was closing in 2021.  I ordered a 50-1038 a few months ago.

That is a huge shame, I am really not a fan of the app I guess I will have to get that backup remote in case. I just hope the company splitting off from MTH to handle DCS and protosound doesnt make the WiFi app madatory.

Your Quote (edited)

I also have a question about MTH making the DCS remote, my old TIU from like 2013 has some problems and 2 channels are broken so I was looking to get it replaced with a newer one and I decided to get a backup DCS remote too but apparently they dont make the DCS remote anymore? have they fully switched over to Wifi running trains? I really hope not cause the DCS wifi app is really not good in my opinion was wondering if anyone had any info on this. Also does anyone know where I could find one of the modern TIUs with USB port to buy all the ones i found are the old style from like 2014 and earlier. Thanks in advanced 

PS I am aware MTH is on course to closing down but I had no clue they were just gonna get rid of DCS in favor of an app if they didnt close that seems like a massive mistake

My Comments

Ok Let me say some things in the order you posted above. As for repairing the TIU you currently have there are several people on here that do repairs, Gunrunnerjohn being one of them. You can get the current Version L TIU's now and some dealers have them in stock. Check with Mr Muffin, Nicolas Smith, Legacy Station, Patrick's and of the big dealers then go to the local Hobby shops and check. I know I just recommended Alloway Trains to someone from Hawaii and they sold him their last TIU. BUT they are out there. As for making the DCS Remote, MTH is making one more run and they have NOT arrived yet but are due in September. The WiFI app is different and I agree I prefer the Hand held Remote, but with that being said, there are good things about the WiFi app (upgraded to the $24.95). For one adding switches and routes are a breeze. We as humans do NOT LIKE CHANGE! Having said that I find that the more I use the app the easier it gets and the more fun it becomes and YES I STILL USE MY REMOTES (I have 4 and another on order). The modern (Version L) TIU I already discussed above. Your last comment is WRONG. "PS I am aware MTH is on course to closing down but I had no clue they were just gonna get rid of DCS in favor of an app if they didnt close that seems like a massive mistake" They are not getting rid of DCS. DCS is the operating system. They are discontinuing the REMOTE! DCS will Always be around it may or may not have a group of Former MTH Employees running a separate company to support it but regardless it will always be here. There are to many running it and it is, (DISCLAIMER: "IN MY OPINION"), far superior to anything else as it can, with the upgraded Wifi App, Run 99% of Lionel's Legacy features. NO OTHER APP OR SYSTEM CAN DO THAT! Yes you still have to buy the 990 Legacy system and a SER2 but you DO NOT need to use the LEGACY REMOTE!

One more note. ANY TIU, after Ver C (I think) can be upgraded thru the Serial port. Upgrading sounds threatening, But as Barry Brokowitz once told me at one of his seminars. "Get over it, it is easy". He was Correct. I had built up a fear that did not need to be there.

Sit back, Relax, Take some deep breaths and ENJOY your trains and the system you have. As you get more comfortable you can expand upon it and bring enjoyment into full Bloom. You have NOT made a mistake with DCS and there are PLENTY of people here that will ALWAYS help you. Yes, there will be die hard Lionel fans who will shoot it down just as die Hard MTH fans shoot down Lionel's systems. You have a great system, expand upon it, do NOT be afraid to try the Wifi App, and ALWAYS ENJOY THE TRAINS!

We are all simply HELPER ENGINES tagged into your consist if needed! Throttle Up to Notch 8 and get moving!

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