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4 car K-Line 21" Aluminum set to be decorated by you. Was originally Amtrak and the paint stripes were removed as were nameplates. Need restoration. Lights work, mechanically sound. Coach, Diner, Dome Coach, and handsome Dome Observation with radio antenna.   

A deal - $400 plus actual shipping. Only $100 per car.



MTH UNION PACIFIC 64' Woodside' Passenger set of 6. Consists of 3 Coaches and Baggage, Combine, and Observation. I bought these 5 or 6 years ago and don't remember if they were New or LN. Have never opened them! Came as two sets of 3 cars each. One set is 3 coaches and the 2nd is the Baggage, Combine, and Observation. Would like to sell them as a full set. The Bag- Comb- Obsv subset is online for $600. Offering all 6 for just $750 plus shipping.

That's only $125per car.


Offering our Commodore Hudson for sale. Original model with an updated next issue chassis with NO tether. Great sounds with one of the best whistles Lionel ever produced. TMCC control, wireless tether, low mileage. Ex+ - LN condition. Number 6-18045

$550 plus actual shipping UPS. Paypal preferred (f&f) or your personal check ok.


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