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I run a repro std gauge train under the tree. I have a LCT 400e and a mix of LCT and MTH tinplate traditions 200 series freight cars. (211, 213, 214, 214R, 215, 216 and 217).

The final car I guess I will add is a 212 Gondola   I am partial to the pea green one (in its own right and because I think it will complement the colors of the other cars in the train).

My question is regarding the LCL (less than car load) containers   We're those originally offered in prewar times? Was the 212 also offered empty?  Did Lionel sell loads other than the LCL containers separately for the 212 back in prewar times? Like barrels or something like that? And were such loads reproduced by MTH? 

I don't really want the LCL crates, but don't want an empty gon either and want to stay with repro stuff even for the gon load.


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I put Lionel ornaments on a fake snow bed in my 212. I just bought some LCT LCL containers. The original Lionel ones can go for big bucks. I think gondolas were open to childhood creativity back in the day. You can put anything you want in them. Release your inner child.


I believe that the gondola came with or without the containers, and as noted in a previous post, the original containers aren't cheap.  Wooden barrels are the only other "official" load I've seen.  Barrels are readily available and inexpensive.

I vote for plastic dinosaur.

Rob English posted:

Gondolas came with nothing, barrels, or in the case of "work trains" barrels and tools. LCL containers were ALWAYS separate sale.

Hi Rob.  Thank you!

I bought/won a LCT green 212 today   I also bought some of the large barrels for it.  This is going to make the train a conventional/traditional LCT 400e and eight 200 series freight cars, half of which are LCT and half MTH Lines.  I am happy with this. 

I have been think about it, and there are many valid options on this, including unrestored or restored originals and but for me (1)lI ike the reproductions, (2) I like the LCT "Lionel Lines" badges, but also (3) I like the idea of having the MTH name on some of the cars.  I feel like the train is an homage to the originals, but also respects MTH for their part in making the reproductions over the years.  I feel like this set will stand up well in the test of time, and I hope it is passed down for generations via my daughter for years to come under the Christmas tree.

I use various loads such as repro MTH wooden barrels and oil drums, and also a nice set of 12 LGB gray simulated pipes in my maroon LCT 212. The MTH drums came in both small and large sizes, and the large ones are more suited for standard gauge cars.

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