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A friend of mine, and HO modeler, recently came into possession of 22 O-gauge locomotives without much if any way to identify the manufacturer, model number, etc. of each one.  How would you recommend he go about getting that information?  Some he said look fairly modern and of considerable detail - perhaps MTH.  Would any of you be able to help?  Would it be OK for him to post photos here?  Thank you.  

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Prob the first place to look is on the bottom of the chasis, they often have the model number there and usually the maker. From there prob could do a google search to try and find what it is. The other way is if you know the maker and there is a number on the engine, that can be used to look it up, especially with post war engines (for example, Lionel 671 is the Pennsy S2 Turbine from late 40's).

There are many websites devoted to the 0 scale market, including some that have exhaustive lists of products and the ways to identify them. Your friend can do a little creative Googling to get the info he needs.

Unless they're homemade or scratchbuilt items, it isn't rocket surgery.

You can post the pictures for him, if you're a member here.

Rocket surgery? Norm Crosby would be proud. (I think it is rocket science and brain surgery)

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