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I have inherited a 226E without  a tender. I no very little about prewar.   Is the 2226W the only  tender that works with this loco?

Besides EBAY are there any other places to look for one?  Would any member have an average condition 2226W they are willing to part with?

New to prewar so I appreciate any advise.


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I don't have a tender for you, but if you do find one, the coupler will not work with post war knuckle couplers (the adapters are difficult to adjust (bend) to get them to reliably stay coupled).

I purchased a 736 rear truck with draw bar(as suggested above)from the Train Tender and that allows my 226E to connect  with any post war tender, which has a knuckle coupler to couple with post war and later rolling stock.

That way you can run trains until you get a pre war tender.

So, when I run prewar I use the 2226W and when I run post war I use the trailing truck draw bar to connect with a post war tender.

The 2226W tender is the only one that has a long drawbar to work with the drawbar post in the cab floor of the 226E.  You could use a 2235W or 2245W by adding the 2226W long drawbar to those other smaller tenders.  THey are about 3-4" to 1 inch shorter and use four wheel trucks so they will definitely look smaller behind a 226E. And btw, the prewar tinplate 6 wheel trucks that you woul dfind on a 2226W tender are just as insanely pricey as the tender which is crazy but generally the case. While I have a couple others in junky condition, I recently found this nice complete one in an antique mall in Western NY while in a business trip.  It did not take me long to cave as there was a big discount on the booth at the time.  So I paid a lot less than the price on the tag in the picture . Plus they gave a 20% discount for future purchases and I later found a set of Marklin prewar passenger cars I could not live without as well lol.  Either way, if you put a smaller tender behind the 226E it won't look quite right, but it will work if you sort the drawbar situation out.

And here is the same engine after a little cleaning and service pulling all three of the cataloged passenger sets it would have pulled from 1938-1942.



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