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I am looking for a single engine 2332 GG 1 armature that wont exceed value of this engine. I know of one NOS on ebay but price with shipping exceeds what I think is the value of this engine. If anybody has a good used one at a fair price please contact me. Just for info the 671 has a different length and will not work. Thank you for looking.  Roy O

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Is it black with green tint, or just green?  If it's black, you have a rare bird in any condition. It has to be pretty hit for that appraisal to be on the mark in green too though.  I'd think it would easily draw more as parts if they are all there too. (for me it would depend more on the metal than paint today; I know the wisker paint is going to be faded out even if it was in a box for 80yrs)

To shoot your eye out.  I am have had up to 20 different GG 1 of different years and MFG.  As of now I have 2330 in great condition 2 2340 and a 2360. I have had a number or 2332 but not one worth keeping as in this case it is green and not black or called dark green. This one has all the stripes and numbers all removed or worn off, So you see it has little value and single motor is not a very good piece compared to a 2330 etc. Do love the horn box too bad it would not fit in to later as a bicycle horn sucks.  Do have a nice box no liner. Keeping that for now.  You have a great day and thanks for the reply.  Roy O

Just making sure you knew that "Old Rivits"-black only exist in small numbers and aren't a myth. You could only catch the green pigment in the black in good light at certain angles. 

Or maybe to try get you to fully blind me with a collection or bench photo or something (aim here 👉😜)

Gramps had a wall full of every documented variation & "the runners".  I only have a Tuscan K-line BL streamlined myself now. I think I have one nice 2332 shipper without a liner though.  I'd actually prefer the early cars and a small logo Brunswick 5 whi....

....You know what?

  I miss staring at that one wall more than I miss the old layout  

Good luck with her 👍


If you are a GG 1 geek as i am, you know about (Black). Old Rivits still exist today. Save one eye so you can look like a pirate.  LOL  nice talk .     Roy O   I just may fix her and decal it on the original paint.  Speaking on uncommon looking post war GG 1. I have heard about a 2360 single stripe with straight across radiators?   Seen any? Tuscan for sure?




















































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