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Just picked up this set and it is very nice except that we noticed that the NON-PWD B unit in the set has a tremendous wobble when running. I have attached a video here to illustrate. Any feedback is appreciated before we try our own fixes. By the way this is a replacement unit since the the other one we had did the same thing and the replacement unit is also wobbling. We are using Atlas Track, the Powered unit runs fine even on it own.


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Budd Car Wobble
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Without knowing the exact cause (or your level of discretionary wealth, or your mechanical skill), buy a couple of extra trucks from Lionel parts:


Pick the smoothest-running ones and install them on one non-powered unit to make a "good" one.  Then dump what's left over on a popular auction site WITH FULL DISCLOSURE.  We don't need to be passing on frustration within the hobby!  What's more you had best hurry, before everyone else does the same thing and the parts are out of stock.  Sad state of affairs. 

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I did see the parts on the Lionel site - I will call them as I picked the units up Brand new 2 days ago - they just arrived form Lionel and have already swapped the NON-PWD CAR for another BRAND NEW one and it has the same problem. Quality Control is NOT where it needs to be for a Brand new $500+ set.

Hoping Lionel will just send me some new trucks but I am guessing they will want me to SHIP the whole Set back to them for a "long wait" warranty repair.

I do love the Lionel product except for these type situations. Part of the fun is figuring out these types of issues just like a Real Railroad. I just think there has to be a better way to deal with these types of issues that does not cause so much pain on the customer especially when we are willing to help out and fix what we can. This car is NOT Complicated the trucks are simply "out of whack" and need to be replaced.

Very interested to see if others run into these issues - Hoping this is NOT another RMT (Ready Made Trains) situation.

Thanks to ALL for listening !!

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