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Had service done to my A-A units ,and the 'Dummy' unit had had two motors installed years ago, (before) I got them, the repair guy took the motors out saying they wouldn't work in a 'Dummy' frame ? I knew it didn't have the 'slot' for the 'E' unit to reverse, it was always 'locked' in forward, with the powered unit 'locked' in reverse. I have run them ilke that with no problems ? What is different about the 'Dummy' frame (?), other than the 'E' unit arm ? Thanks for your replies .

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It sounds like your repair guy got himself two free spare motors at your expense (unless he returned them to you?).  You sort of answered your own question in that somebody years ago had turned it into a powered unit and it ran fine that way up until you took it in for service.  The simple fact that you were running them without issues prior to taking them to him and the fact that he then said they "wouldn't work" even though they obviously had been makes me question his knowledge and abilities as a repairman unless there's more to the story.

The casting part number for both frames is 2333-20.  The only difference I'm aware of is a bit more factory machining work on the powered unit frame for the battery compartment opening and the E-unit slot.  I don't see how it would make a difference whether somebody added motors or not as long as the direction and speed is staying in sync with the other unit.

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<sigh>  Go back, ask him to replace the motors exactly the way they were installed. Once that's done, ask him to demonstrate how they don't work.

Then mumble something about the BBB and the TCA and the OGR forum. Perhaps he will see the error(s) of his ways.  If you didn't authorize his removal of the motors, and he won't give them back because he "threw them away" or "can't find them" then a police report is warranted for larceny.  I hope it doesn't get that far.

S. Rice, It was just routine maintenance, they have been packed away for years.   Santa Fe. 158, I got the motors back, but if both frames are the same #, I'm just going to bolt the motors back in. I'm guessing because the 'E' unit isn't hooked up for F-N-R, he didn't get it ? I posted on here about a year ago, about hooking up the 'E'unit to cycle, and most said to do what was already done; lock the lead in forward, rear in reverse, and run' em! Again thanks for your replies, always helps. W.T.Co.

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Or learn to do it yourself - my favorite aspect of this hobby is working on vintage trains and having the satisfaction of fixing things myself.

It's my favorite part of the hobby, too. But...

Don't assume that just because you are handy with tools, that anyone else can learn to be handy with tools. It's a gift.

If they don't have it, they probably have other gifts.

Elvis said that you either got rhythm or you don't. If you don't, you can't learn.

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You could potentially wire the two engines together by hooking the motors in the dummy to the E-unit of the lead locomotive...

This would work with a three wire tether. Lionel has stated that the E-Units will handle 4 motors.

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...the 'Dummy' unit had had two motors installed years ago, (before) I got them...

It's possible that a battery leak ruined powered frame was replaced with a salvaged dummy frame.  There are a lot of parts in the power trucks that would have to be sourced for a dummy conversion.

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