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A Lionel box with an X indicates that it wasn't a fully packed-out catalog item for retail sale. Usually that means it came within an outfit box.

In the case of the 2360 box with an X, that would typically mean that a CTC lock-on (a component of separate sale locomotives) was NOT found inside.

Perhaps your particular boxed locomotive was part of a Super O outfit, where the CTC lock-on wasn't necessary?


Well, I don't know anything about this engine, other than it is a GG1(Hi Eddie BTW), but it looks like the 2360X GG1 is from 1956, well, at least I see one that is dated as such. There is another site that talks about the difference in production with only one picture.

Here is the 1956 version 2360X 1956 2360X GG1

Here is the the other site where they show 2360 which is from 1961(but they note the production differences except no mention of the X) 2360 variations from years produced

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