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I did a clean/lube on my PW 2466WX Whistle Tender, cleaned/polished the armature plate and brushes, but am having a problem with the solenoid in the relay. When I push the whistle activation button, it hums, but the relay doesn't make contact. I pushed down on the tabs to the right from the base plate, raising the contact on the left, and I have a very strong whistle. I assume the solenoid is an electro magnet that is to lift the plate to make the relay contacts, how do I get this to function properly.

Thanks in advance - Tony


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  • 2466WX: Relay is on the right with copper contacts on its bottom left. The tabs I pushed down on stick out near the bottom right, raising the contact on the left.
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Larry, Your point above, made me think. I'm using a PW ZW (275) with a brand new Cab 1L set and PowerMaster. I was using the Cab 1L setup when the relay wasn't making contact, so I went to transformer power with its rectifier, and it works. So the problem appears to be in the Cab 1 setup.

Any suggestions for trouble shooting the Cab 1L setup? Their brand new.


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