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Sadly, after 80 plus years my 249e e-unit drum gave out. Found a nice deal on the Bay for some 259e-1 drums brand new. Bought a few as I can see being the fate of a few other e-units I have. At least it gave me an excuse to take her apart and spit shine her! I'll also be doing some wiring repairs while she's apartPXL_20220808_005735375PXL_20220808_005724860


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The pre-war drums usually have gone long before now.  All the pre-war engines with original e-units I had were non functioning.  Usually the plastice in the drum was close to disintegrating.    One I put on the track to test and it looked like an arc welder in the e-unit.   Cleanup and e-unit repair and they are good for another few decades.

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