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Hi everyone,

I bypassed the e-unit on an old 259e from my grandfather. He apparently tried to make a Christmas train and painted this locomotive in the current scheme along with hacking apart the tender to make a slopeback and it has a set of red dorfan cars. Along with bypassing the e-unit, one side rod was binding by a hair so I decided to "slightly" reams with a drill bit I had within reach as my toddler was throwing a fit. I just wanted to finish it before we went upstairs. In my haste, the bit caught and ripped the side rod apart throwing the end into oblivion. I knew I should have walked to the garage to grab the rat tail file...

So the purpose of this post is to see if someone has a spare side rod lying around that'll fit. I'll be happy to paypal a few bucks to cover the stamp and your troubles.

Thanks! - Rick



Here is a picture of the good side, it's the short inner side rod that I need.



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