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I have a 263W Lionel prewar tender and the whistle has been removed and is long gone. I would like to install a working whistle. The roller pickups are still there. Originally there was either a WS-80 or WS-37 “banana” whistle I believe. There is very little room in the tender.

Does anyone know the correct whistle number that goes in the 263W and does someone know who might have a working whistle for sale???

Or is there a newer whistle that could be modified to fit the 263W??

Thanks You for your help


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I've worked with many Lionel whistles both prewar and postwar.  I can find no differences, before they went to plastic cases in the 50's, except for the position of the mounting holes.  I recently repaired a 390 tender that originally had a banana whistle using a postwar whistle.  All I had to do to mount it was drill one hole in the tender frame.  Electrically they are identical.

Here is an old thread but it applies to a current project for me.
I’m trying to put a w-125 into a prewar 265w tender that had a banana whistle.
I understand the suggestions above but in doing that the air holes in the frame and shell do not line up with the newer postwar whistle.
Does it matter? Do I need to cut new holes?

OK, here's a follow up.

I mounted the W-125 by drilling 2 new holes in the tender base and in a position that didn't restrict the inlet/outlet of the whistle as best I could.  No mounting adapter was necessary.  I cut no new air holes for the the whistle.  Put it on the track and listened.  Each postwar whistle is always different due to condition.  But overall, it seems the whistle is a little muted.  However it is a distinct postwar whistle that I can hear from 15 feet easily.

So I see no need to cut any new holes.

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