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It looks like USPS is working through the backlog of packages.

The package we sent from NC to DE on December 17th was actually delivered yesterday (I'm confused why it was delivered on MLK Day which is a postal holiday).  NC to DE took 32 days.

My package from a forum sponsor sat at the Philadelphia Distribution Center for over 3 weeks, and today it is Out for Delivery to me.

A couple of other packages I am waiting on seem to be moving.

@martind posted:

Something is going on with USPS in Pa and NJ area.  Ordered some traction tires on the bay 0n 12/22  and it should arrive tomorrow 1/5 from a seller in NJ.  Also waiting for an insurance claim due to damage from a neighbor cutting a tree which landed on the wires and did considerable damage to the house.  The check was mailed on 12/16.   These were not big packages but regular mail size.  I was surprised the check had no tracking.   Not sure what is going on, I guess you could claim Christmas and COVID,  I think the USPS needs some competition.

Part of the problem is due to the competition USPS has from both FedEx and UPS. So that their systems  wouldn't be overwhelmed with more packages than they were both designed to handle and therefore look unfavorable to their customers, BOTH FedEx and UPS during the Christmas rush limited their acceptance of parcels for shipping to ONLY 2 PER CUSTOMER. So those customers had no choice but to DUMP the rest of their packages to USPS for delivery. It is those deliveries which vastly overwhelmed USPS' normal delivery projections. If USPS had a similar luxury of capping the number of packages they accepted that FedEx and UPS  used then USPS wouldn't have a backlog either.

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Package tracking can be interesting.  My current delayed package is bouncing around between USPS facilities in Maryland, and updates always seem to be made a day or two after the package moved.  Sometimes I will get packages that tracking says are still in some distant USPS facility.  Other times I will see a notice that the package had been delivered but it doesn't show up until a day or two later.  This used to be extremely common with Amazon packages that USPS handled final leg delivery.

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