Today I was able to get into my repair of the #282. I was able to service the motor and it seems to be slowly breaking in after many years of idleness. I know the cranes have a problem with the clutch assembly, and so do I!  Right now I can get the crane to rotate clockwise, but not counter clockwise, except for a couple of short jerks. Is there a way to purchase another thrust spring #282-16, and if so where? Any other suggestions to get this guy running would be appreciated.


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@raising4daughters, depending on the 282 you have, you need either the 282-100 or 282-300 motor assembly.




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The clutch assembly selects between hoist and rotate. If your crane rotates one way, but not the other, you should probably be looking for an electrical problem. I believe this crane has a double wound field. The motor changes direction by connecting one field lead or the other.  It could also be a problem in the motor gear box.  But if it was the crane would have problems in one direction for both hoist and rotate. 

ahhh I was wondering if it could be the clutch ears. It looks like the clutch wants to engage, but keeps popping out looks jittery. The crane will rotate fine in one direction, and makes an attempt the other direction, but fails. From what I can see of the spring, it sure looks like it can't push much, maybe it can to the trained eye. Thanks for the insights, I'll have to see what I can do next, or somehow inspect the clutch ears.

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The spring or worn clutch ears is most likely the problem.

I have replaced the spring, and the crane still does not want to rotate in each direction, in fact, now it isn't even jittery. The clutch ears do not seem to stay engaged. Is there a way to move the clutch, as it is tight on the shaft. And if I need a new clutch, is this a press type fit?? Hope to hear. Thanks.

Jeff I was wondering if you were successful on repairing your 282? I was starting to work on mine, as my clutch is not fully disengaging from the rotating gear and making full contact with the hoist gear. Before I started adjusting the clutch I wanted to know your results. Thanks 




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I did some work on mine, and then I had to give up and send it in. It seems to be a very tricky repair, and I failed at it. I had replaced the clutch spring, and I also had re adjusted the gears on the clutch, but things were still acting up.  Of the three I was working on, only one was fixed, the other two I sent in. Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck.

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