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For sale are 3 MTH Premier Military 4 car sets NIB.  Items will all be insured for the selling price and shipped UPS.  Email with any questions.  Paypal friends and family.

MTH Premier 20-92241 US Army 60' Flat car with 2 Bradley Fighting Vehicles  $375 shipped

MTH Premier 20-92239 US Army Flat Car with 3 Military Transport Vehicles $325 shipped

MTH Premier 20-92216 UA Army Flatcar either GMC DUKW 353 $350 shipped

If someone wants all 3 sets I will do $950 shipped

Two Lionel 1926711 NYC flatcars with Tank 496250 have 2 of these $65 each both for $120 shipped

MTH Premier 20-3087-1 GMO Heavy Pacific lightly used in great shape $500 Plus actual shipping and insurance

Also have an MTH Premier Santa Fe Russian Decapod the DAP Proto2 one with BCR in good shape for $475 email me and I'll get you pictures of it if interested


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  • MTHMilitary
  • MTHMilitary1
  • MTHMilitary2
  • MTHMilitary3
  • GMOPacific
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