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Challenge accepted,…..this one wasn’t a cake walk, …..Lou wanted a ATSF Mikado that hasn’t been produced in 3 rail, ……until now!…..Lou set out to find a 2 rail West Side Models ATSF Mikado, then once he found a good one, we began looking at the best route to swap it to 3 rail,…..after measuring a few different 3 rail Mike chassis from the big 2, we decided an MTH USRA Mike chassis would be the best platform…..Lou landed yet another deal on a MTH USRA Mike, and we began the work,….the MTH chassis required quite a bit of milling to get it to fit the brass boiler, …..also, Lou’s model needed multiple bearing cross heads, as opposed to alligators on the USRA, ….the stock USRA’s cylinder block & saddle ( steam chest ) was a no go from the get go….so I’ve employed a MTH Blue Comet Cylinder block, and adapted the correct rods and valve linkage needed to make it right…….the stock MTH motor & flywheel was never going to fit in this fire box, so we went with an 8000 series Pittman, and a custom flywheel, ……as soon as I’m done perfecting the mechanicals, Lou will take over for paint & electronics,……

Pat 016BADCA-7531-42B0-ACE1-294866E95F9697657799-CEBB-4A80-9895-BA632808F2B6B0B7B608-3026-4F77-AE95-D5905F8BF74A35A03BB8-BC03-4AF2-9FC0-FCBB352B0869FDDE8148-803A-4ED9-999F-5EBE889ADF0C93008E73-538D-4DDD-AF16-17AB4EF8F41A


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  • 016BADCA-7531-42B0-ACE1-294866E95F96
  • 97657799-CEBB-4A80-9895-BA632808F2B6
  • B0B7B608-3026-4F77-AE95-D5905F8BF74A
  • 35A03BB8-BC03-4AF2-9FC0-FCBB352B0869
  • FDDE8148-803A-4ED9-999F-5EBE889ADF0C
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@harmonyards posted:

Truthfully, Lou & I both put our mouths on it, professing it’d be a slam dunk,….so we jinxed the snot out of that project before the first cut,…..famous last words!..


Famous last words, "this will be an easy one." Lined up the USRA chassis and it was dead on. Little did we know about the fun brass construction that would make that null....

But in case anyone is curious this will get PS3 and will be repainted with SEM trim black. Should look factory when done.

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