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This is an odd one, but I'm having a heck of a time getting this thing to take smoke fluid with the shell on. It seems to just be pooling in the funnel and over flowing. I tool the shell off and cleaned everything up. Takes fluid fine and smokes great without the shell on. Put the shell back on and it smokes fine, but when the fluid is gone and I add more it just pools in the funnel.16980936672967540944280699423119 The smoke unit hole isnt visible from above due to the configuration of the smoke stack. The shell underside has a conical shape cast into it over the smoke unit. I assume this is to disperse the smoke so it come out of all 4 stack openings. Is there a known issue of too tight clearance between this piece of the shell and the fluid funnel? I plan to take a dremel to the conical part of the shell underside since it seems to be the only thing which could cause this issue. Thanks


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Take a small LED flashlight and try to get a good look down the smoke stack Rick.    Room light doesn't penetrate the small dark cavities.

When you had the shell off could you look up from the inside through the stack and see light and not detect any casting issues ?

If there is a gasket between the shell and smoke unit funnel it should be fully seated properly.     

Only fill the smoke unit while the smoke fan isn't blowing up through the stack .

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