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l1Hi Guys/Gals....regarding the type V Copter (3429)....Can you tell me what process  Lionel used to  apply the USMC on the copter body...I don't have one in front of me. Military items never interested me but I have an opportunity to pick one up. Copter is original. USMC looks to have been 'stamped' on.  Thanks in advance!


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I have an original land sea an air gift pack set  with the US Marines engine. However, the helicopter on my marines 3429 car has “Navy” on it. It’s original (with the made by Lionel markings on the tail) and my family can vouch that it was New in the box when we got the set.  The “Navy” looks like it’s stamped on mine as well. Strange.

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I haven't paid for it yet and don't have a picture of the underside.  As mentioned, 30 years collecting and pretty much(with the exception of a couple of pieces) have avoided 60's military Lionel. I looked at the front plastic and tail piece. Both seemed to fit the criteria. Looks like it was made to deceive as the repros I've found have clear fronts and blank yellow rotors.  Thank you for the head's up..The lettering just didn't match any others I was able to find online. Red flag.   I appreciate it, Chuck. (I understand repros don't have the small hole. If this one does........?????) Doncha just love it.

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