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I've seen a couple posts in here regarding this car. I have this car in my set from when I was a child. I'm getting ready to give it to my son (grandchildren). I'm trying to get the helicopter launcher to work and have a couple issues maybe someone may be able to help with.

First, the launcher itself won't crank up and hold. I took it out and took it apart and see the spring inside. It's intact, but only connected to the lever. The spring looks to still be complete as it has the bends at the other, unattached end, but I cannot figure out where to connect it. It looks like this spring needs to be attached somewhere on the inside to keep the lever in  position so that it catches the wheel  to hold it as your winding it. Is there some kind of a parts diagram,schematic etc., that would allow me to determine where to fasten the end of this spring opposite of where it is attached to the lever?  Or, if someone knows or has a picture that would be helpful.

Second, I also have a smaller issue with the doors opening. In particular the door on the side where the bar attaches that trips the lever when the launch bar is released, is holding up that door from opening. The door is catching on the part of this lever that protrudes through the top,middle portion of the car(where it's fastened.)

Attached are a couple of picsIMG_0021[1]IMG_0022[1]IMG_0023[1]

Thanks in advance for any info


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