3656 cattle platform need help on dissisembly

You are painting the platform or the gates and base. I restored about 10 of these over a cold winter two years ago. Removed,  the solenoid...All, wire nuts...etc.

I then went in search for platforms where the plating was in semi good shape. Amazing, some responded to a Coca Cola bath and others did not.  Some

Anyway, I went full boat. Remove the copper strip and rivets on the lower base. 

new fish paper supplied by our  missed buddy Dale M! 

I actually may have extra parts already painted....which version do you have 

The earlier or later?




hello shawn

I think it is the later one the gates are yellow it is on its way to me I do not have it yet the platform the cows move on has some rust on it I have another platform that looks good and want to change it over it has no gates and I want to move the gates to it as far as the rest of it I do plan on repainting it per the listing it is suppose to work  we will see I got it for my brother he dose not know about it till I fix it up and give it to him


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