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I am still new to American Flyer S Gauge having played with Lionel postwar and new, Standard Gauge, and Dorfan so working on S gauge flyer stuff has been educational. 

I was once more educated tonight working on a drawbar style 370 GP unit where the motor does not run. I cleaned and checked the e unit and all appears fine back to the motor but no motor movement. So I go to gently remove the motor and clean the brushes and armature. All seems to be going we except for me dropping screws and having to find them until one wire came of the brush lever. I go to solder it on and the nylon holder disintegrates from the heat of my soldering iron. I have not had that one happen before so now where do I find the replacement holder for the brushes/levers for this engine?

Oh, and yes I know I made a mistake but oh well so all help is appreciated,


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Not necessarily you being at fault in the occurrence. Those brush holders sometimes after many years just fall apart. As Bill stated Portliines has the part. They are a common part on the Gilbert diesel engines. You might also find these at swap meets.


The plastic brush holders were a problem when the engines were new. The wires were soldered to the brush brackets by the brush, and then the bracket was put into the holder, the spring keeps it in place. The plastic holder was replaced by a fiber holder, riveted together. These also can warp! The parts are interchangeable., so go for a replacement fiber holder assembly. solder the wire to the brass brush bracket before putting the spring against it.

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