Since most of these locomotives have succumbed to zink pest and MTH has been somewhat successful in selling the passenger cars, I wonder how much interest there would be in a reproduction.  I realize that it has been done in limited quantity years ago, but seldom do they show up for sale and when they do they command a fairly substantial price.  The reproduction dies have to be out there somewhere and it seems to be a fairly simple locomotive to construct.  

I think part of the problem with the recent standard gauge repops are the same items in different colors, with the exceptions of the bay window caboose and the magnificent Marklin station.  If Mike could get ahold of those dies it might get the standard gauge world some different motive power and a new lease on life for Tinplate traditions. 

I am sure there is a major flaw in my thinking and someone here on the forum is about to point it out, but I was just wondering if there is enough interest in a 3930 Dorfan 4-4-4 to resurrect this loco and the Tinplate Traditions Line ?

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I am fortunate enough to have acquired the green, red, orange, gray, black, cream/red and unfinished 3930's from Collector Classics. Also picked up some duplicates that I've passed on to a buddy. Some were not cheap, some were a bargain. It would be fun to modify them to command control. I'd prefer DCS, but there are no flywheels so TMCC may be the best option. I'd also wouldn't mind the 3919/20 but decent shells are easier to find than the 3930.


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