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Ladies and Gentlemen!

The team at O Gauge Railroading Magazine is excited to announce
the launch of our new OGR 3D Catalog!

This new offering from OGR is a collaborative effort from forum members that are involved with this relatively new technology.  Because of the increased interest and posts having to do with this topic,  a couple of years ago we created a category on the OGR forum that centered on 3D printing projects specifically for use in our hobby. One of our key forum members that had expert working knowledge of this technology approached me with not only an offer to host the 3D files but a request that we create a separate category on the forum. As more and more files were being submitted, it eventually became clear that OGR needed to take the next step and not only provide a permanent home for the tons of 3D files being posted but to also create a first in our hobby ... a website where anyone can go and access 3D print files which directly relate to and enhance our O-gauge hobby.

Rather than me taking a chance of leaving someone out, let me thank all of you that have made this happen.  The development of the OGR 3D Catalog site was a four-month project which involved a lot of time, expertise, knowledge, and effort by a handful of dedicated members and OGR subscribers.

3D printing is growing rapidly and the costs are going down.  Good printers can be purchased for less than $500.00!  If you are in need of a part or detail piece for your layout, or even a complete structure, it can likely be 3D printed.  The OGR 3D Catalog is now the place to go for your 3D projects!

OGR 3D Catalog highlights:

  • Bridge parts, chimneys, loading docks, electric and telecom items, machinery, tools, parts, upgrades, tanks, signals, signs, doors, windows, and complete structures are just some of the projects in the OGR 3D Catalog.
  • Almost anything for the O gauge hobby can be 3D printed!
  • The OGR 3D Catalog brings scores of O scale, 3D printing projects together in one place.
  • All the projects have been contributed by OGR Forum Members.
  • The OGR 3D Catalog is easy to navigate to find a project you like.
  • The OGR 3D Catalog is growing.
  • No need to learn CAD. Use the files in the OGR 3D Catalog to print your projects.
  • Files are packaged into ZIP files for easy, one-click downloads of entire projects.

Now for the details:

As you may already realize, the forum maintenance, page views, moderation, IT support, etc. all cost OGR a considerable amount of money. This OGR 3D Catalog represents a large investment in site development and  has already added significant additional costs outside of OGR's normal forum costs. Because of this, we have decided to structure access to the OGR 3D Catalog pages so that anyone can view them, but in order to download projects, you will have to be a digital subscriber and forum member. This is necessary in order for OGR to provide this additional service.

It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy using this new service and as always, we thank you for your support!

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