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Working on a TMCC S1 that had a cracked and slipped two-chuff cam. This one was slightly smaller than the J’s cam which was easy to adjust in Tinkercad. I printed this one with screw holes. This allows me to attach it without glue and I can adjust the chuff phasing vs. crankpin position by slipping the cam until the chuff lines up then tighten. I may print a cleaner version of it as this is the first clamp version I tried to make.

Here’s a quick vid:



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@Norm Charbonneau  Your replacement screw together cam could be a great replacement for my 6-38095 TMCC N&W 611J.  It's original cam is split on one side and I've been looking without any luck trying to find a replacement.

I'd be very grateful if you would be willing to sell me a few.  BTW, I also posted in the WTB forum, with no responses.

Even if the ones you made have a slightly different sized axle shaft opening for my locomotive, I'd be happy to drill or shim to the correct size.

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Steve, I might get back in my shop sometime this week. If you email me your address I can print one or two off and send it. The last one I made was for a 6mm axle. It may work for the J. You can screw it together or CA it. Next time I make one of these I am probably going to make the axle fit slightly looser to aid in the initial chuff phase adjustment.

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