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I am just designing at this point. The part that attaches to the car will be solid resin.

I intend to add openings or slots for round micro magnets to be inserted to keep the diaphragms on adjacent cars together.

These are flexible resin so I don't see why they can't be painted.

FormLabs says these can be subjected to repeated tension and compressive loading. I think that the stretching that occurs as the cars go thru curves is minimal.

diaphram 6-14

I added the pockets for the small magnets shown in RED. The magnets will keep the two opposing diaphragms together on a curve and straight.

The brownish frame shown above attaches to the end of the passenger car doorway frame. This frame would be solid resin.

The flex resin bellows attaches to the brown frame with crazy glue.  Surprised me  that my sample flex resin could be "crazy" glued to solid gray resin. FormLabs engineers didn't know this!?

More importantly, I now have flexible resin to experiment with.

Ill keep you all posted.


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  • diaphram  6-14

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