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Well... still NO POWER ...about 21 hours now.

We've kept the servers up (28min 57sec downtime) for about 21` hours with my small generator.  When the sun comes up somewhere around 7:00am cst (central time) I'll fire up the big generator... I may (or may not) swap the servers 2over to that.   If I do I'll let you know beforehand... we shouldn't be down for more than 10-15 minutes during the swap.  This is the first time I've been online (have to keep swapping extension cords) and it's nice to see the servers active and folks downloading... all night long!  My yard and pool are a MESS!

Rock On!


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Just checked the network map here... all the telcos' (att, tmob, uniti fiber, verizon etc) have nodes down... I noticed that there are an inordinate amount of hops where network traffic is being re-routed.  The servers will probably slow down a bit until some (we don't need all of them) of the network nodes are back online...


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Game ON!!@!!  Power Out... Gen I enabled ...and, the French love O-Scale?

Your shared folder "O-Scale" was accessed by someone in France using IP address

Your shared folder "O-Scale" was accessed by someone in France using IP address 2a01:e0a:93b:b930:a5f0:1141:959e:be31

Your shared folder "O-Scale" was accessed by someone in France using IP address

Hey Everyone,

I got a text from Dennis early this morning at ~7:30 am EST, he's okay.  His generators are up, but the power grid and the internet are out.  He was hoping to have a 5G connection sometime today, but that doesn't seem to have worked out just yet.  The 3D servers are fine, but it might be some time before they're back on the net.

I'll post again when I hear from him, but I texted back this morning saying "Don't call me until you get the power back."  I think it might be a day or two before we hear from him again, but we will.

BTW, I think Gen II runs his layout.

Update 9/2 @ 6:38pm cst...

The servers have processed a large number of requests... we have not gone down.  I'm tethered through my T-Mobile 5G Mini Tower at the house (I have to return that one of these days ).

There are no services here so... I am going to take them down Saturday and Sunday.  I have to leave to get some parts and maintenance supplies for both generators... especially as I converted the Big generator to natural gas yesterday.

Manhattan Anyone?


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Hey Dennis, nice to meet you and glad to hear that you're still there!

What part of the city are are living?   I grew up around New Orleans starting in 1949. Received my first set Christmas of '49. Lived most of the later part on the northshore in Folsom, Covington, Madisonville and Mandeville. Moved to NC in 2004 and will never live down there again! I've only run my AC for 2 hours this summer for some FL guests who were arriving.

I had a retail hobby shop in Covington from 1987 through 1995 or '96 and stayed in the business as 'Uncle Sam's Trains' from my home. We had Lionel SS #224 under the same name and George still operates it from his Covington home. He says he's always several months behind business is so good! Spoke with him a few days ago after the storm hit and he says he's not going through this again and may move up to these mountains. We can use a good service man too!

My two adult sons and their mom fled to Pensacola after seeing they had little damage. They live in Mandeville.

God bless you sir and hope you guys are able to pull through this mess.


I'm located at Bayou St John / Mid City up by the race track just off Esplanade Ave.  Esplanade Ridge is ABOVE sea level and is one of the highest elevations in the city.

John,  As soon as this mess is cleaned up I'm headed to your house to Bless it

Please, if anyone was NOT able to access the 3D files... shoot me an email.  We did receive hundreds of requests that were processed ...and, other than the dozen or so reboots performed I don't know if the files were unavailable at other times.

Back To Work!!!  (Retirement doesn't seem to align with my imagination)

Yes, the ridges that surround the city (Esplanade, Gentilly, River... etc.) are the entry points for the large transmission lines with feeders branching out from there.  Most of Esplanade (not all) was lit this morning.  The ridges being the highest elevations (which, did not flood during Katrina) create the lip of a bowl and from there elevations continuously drop to the low points at the center of the city.

Here's my neighbors 60' Cedar having a snooze on my house.  It was fun removing that by myself.



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